About our Restaurant

Kips started in 1991...
Kips was a landmark,
The legacy goes on...

KIPS originally came from Kool Ice Products, a name we used to operate under in 1991, KIPS began solely operating with ice cream products such as Ice Creams, Ice Lollies, Choc Sticks & Choc Nuts etc. In 1991, KIPS, a small scale ice cream Parlour, operated in one location. Ice cream Products lead onto full meals/fast food.
Kips Restaurant started by selling three chickens a day with only eight tables to accommodate customers. Since 1991, the Giga family had embarked on a journey, transforming Kool Ice Products to KIPS Restaurant and made KIPS a brand, a customer based restaurant, winning over every customers heart with their hard work. It slowly transformed to a larger customer base, a well known name and a chain of restaurants, KIPS is what it is today due to the loyal customers without whom KIPS would have never survived the tragedy face on 17th may 2011. The father and founder of KIPS, the main man behind the brand was taken the day the original KIPS collapsed in an unfortunate incident.

Not only was the original KIPS shattered, the Giga family empire was crushed as they lost the head of their family, The founder of KIPS was taken down, alongside a home of 20 years. The biggest heartbreak the Giga family faced, and every day the Late Mohammed Shaffique Giga is missed. His unique, enthusiastic. optimistic. creative personality is what made KIPS what it is today.
2011, a year of hopes, dreams and wishes had come crashing down. The late Mohammed Shaffique Giga was a humble, honest, down to earth simple man with a vision to make KIPS not just a restaurant name, but a brand in Malawi. Today his dream, vision and goal is living on, and he is no longer here to witness it. May his soul forever rest in eternal peace. KIPS restaurant through its journey of two decades has become an unforgettable brand, and through more time to come, with the help of our loyal customers, we will only get bigger and better.
Our aim is to welcome all our customers into our international modernised atmosphere, as we maintain our local prices. With your continued support, very soon we will cater for you all over Malawi.
We thank all our customers for their LOYALTY to our brand, and ensure their LOYALTY will be treated like ROYALTY.

Tasty food & excellent service. Since 1991.